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The challenges you face. Your objectives. The things you'd like to improve. Then between us, we can create financial copy that cuts through the noise and resonates with your clients and prospects.

Although every one of my clients is a provider of a financial product or service, my work is diverse.

Today for example, I may be writing a website for individuals who are new to investment or developing ads for a ‘Dark Pool’ trading facility; tomorrow it could be brochures or letters marketing IHT mitigation options, income protection or Probate services.

Hard sell
My copy sells structured products, private medical insurance, fintech, invoice discounting, asset financing and leasing deals. And having worked with the people who provide support services to IFAs and brokers and developed communications for the intermediaries themselves, I know life on that side of the fence as well.

Soft sell
But not everything I produce is plain selling. I’ve written stuff that attempts to salvage broken-down relationships; marketing collateral that makes the complicated less so; letters of apology and copy that eliminates the negative and accentuates the positive

What I’m offering you is this:
My knowledge and experience of financial products and services means that if I were to write your financial copy, there would be no learning curve to climb and it would be 95% right first time. And that's a promise.

Dogged determination, Devil's Advocacy and a lot of digging...
I relish the challenges that writing financial copy presents. Finding new angles, propositions and points to make is part and parcel of my working day.

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